El Chupacabra

by Carmel Games

By  Bernard W. Kelly Sr.
ChupacabraPuerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States Of America.  Its golden
sun and white beaches have enticed tourist for years to this vacation
paradise. Just off the coast of the state of Florida. It is a short airplane
flight to this Island of delight.
In September of 1995, the first sighting occurred when Madeleine Tolentino
and other eyewitness described what has become known as the El Chupacabra or
the Goat Sucker in English. The eyewitnesses described the creature as being
a cross between a kangaroo and pop-culture conception of a “Gray.” Its height
was about 4 feet tall with a large head, a lip less mouth, fangs and lid less
red eyes. Its body was small and it had scrawny clawed arms and webbed bat
wings and muscular hind legs that appeared to be shaped for leaping.
Michael Negron a student at a local university said “I was looking off the
balcony one night, and I saw it step out of a bright light in the back yard.
It was three or four feet tall, with skin like that of a dinosaur, it had
bright eyes the size of hens eggs, long fangs and multicolored spikes down
its head and back.”
The predatory habits of the Chupacabra have always been toward livestock such
as Chickens, Rabbits, Goats and other small backyard livestock. IT kills its
prey through a single hole, which all of he blood is then removed from the
body. To date no humans have been killed by this creature even though many
have attempted to trap the creature over the years.